The 6264 is a transitional and rare reference

The Rolex 6264 belongs to the first series of Rolex Daytonas. This series ran from 1963 to 1987, and all references in it have manual wind movements. In contrast, all Daytonas after 1987 have automatic movements. All of the first series Daytonas have four-digit reference numbers and varying degrees of rarity. The 6264 is the second rarest Daytona reference next to the 6262.

These early references fall into three groups of two, with one outlier. Within each of the three groups you have two watches that are almost identical. The only real difference is that the first has a metallic bezel and the second a black bezel. These groups are the 6239 and 6241, the 6262 and 6264, and the 6265 and 6263. 

On top of this you have the 6240, which is basically a prototype version of the 6263 with some key differences. The 6264 is the black bezel reference within the second of these groups. It is therefore a transitional reference between the first and third groups. It shares elements of both the earlier 6241 and the later 6263, both of which also had the black bezel.

Both the 6264 and its brother the 6262 have pump pushers, a 37mm case, tritium lume, and a tachymeter scale on the bezel running from 50 to 200 units per hour. Both also have the ‘Tropic 21’ domed plexiglass crystal. This crystal is found on all four-digit reference Daytonas until 1980, at which point there was a switchover to standard plexiglass on some of them.

Both the 6264 and 6262 come with the Oyster Twinlock 600 crown, the same one used on all references preceding the 6264. Both also have a Valjoux 727 movement; the most advanced of all of the Valjoux based movements used in the Daytona. The 728, 729 and 730 followed the 727, but none of these were ever used in the Daytona range.

In fact, the 6262 and 6264 were the first references to come with the 727 movement. Both were produced for a very short period of time. The 6262 was produced for about one year, from 1970-71, whereas the 6264 was produced for a little longer; from 1970-72.

The dial configurations that come with the 6264 are the same as those found on the 6262. Both come with either standard or exotic dials (also called Paul Newman dials). The standard dials either have a white dial with black subdials, or a black dial with white subdials.

The dial configurations for exotic dial 6264s are exactly the same as for its brother the 6262. As with the 6262, the most common exotic dial configuration is the three-colour dial, but two-colour dials can also be found.

Generally, collectors favour Daytonas with screw-down pushers, but this is by no means a universally held opinion. For those that like the pump pushers better, the 6264 may be the ‘Holy Grail’ of Daytonas. This is because it has the preferred black bezel, comes with exotic dials, and is also extremely rare.

If collectors ever switch their penchant for screw-down pushers to one for pump pushers, the 6264 could potentially become the most valuable of all Daytonas.


In this section we outline the specifications of the Rolex Daytona 6264








Production Years

c. 1969-72


Time, Chronograph, Tachymeter

Number of Watches Produced (Estimate)

Stainless Steel: 1700

18kt and 14kt Yellow Gold: 300



Lug Width



Pump Push-down


Oyster Twinlock 600


Domed plexiglass (‘Tropic 21’)


Bezel Description

Calibrated Metal with Black Plexiglas Insert and Tachymeter Scale Printed in White



50–>200 units/hour


50–>90 units/hour (5-unit intervals)

90–>160 units/hour (10-unit intervals)

160–>200 units/hour (20-unit intervals)


Dial Markers


Note: sigmas (σ) flanking the ‘T SWISS T’ designation at the 6 o’clock dial position indicates the hour markers are gold


‘ROLEX COSMOGRAPH’: 12 o’clock

‘DAYTONA’ (not always present): Either below 12 o’clock designation or above centre sub-dial in curved red text


Case Material

904L Stainless Steel, 14kt Yellow Gold, 18kt Yellow Gold

Case Type


Case Diameter


Case Thickness


Common Bracelets/Straps

Bracelet Material

904L Stainless Steel, 14kt Yellow Gold, 18kt Yellow Gold

Bracelet Type


Clasp Material

904L Stainless Steel, 14kt Yellow Gold, 18kt Yellow Gold

Clasp Codes

(Indicates date of production)

Letters: A to L = 1976 to 1987; VA to VF = 1976 to 1981

Numbers (not always present) : 1 to 12 = January to December



Rolex (adapted from the base movement Valjoux 72)

Movement Type



Valjoux 727


Valjoux 72

Number of Jewels


Mounting Diameter


Outer Diameter


Shock Device




Power Reserve


More Info on Rolex 6264’s Movements…

The 6264 uses a Valjoux 727 movement. The Valjoux 727 is an improved version of the Valjoux 726. Since the 726 was never actually used in a Rolex chronograph, the 727 can be better seen as the successor to the 722-1, the movement used in the 6241. In many ways, these two movements are similar; both having 17 jewels and a 48-hour power reserve. The main difference is the balance wheel, that has been sped up from 18000 to 21600 vibrations per hour (vph).


A number of celebrities have been spotted wearing this rare Daytona reference. Many seem especially fond of the yellow gold variant with black dial.

Adam Levine shot to fame as the lead singer of the pop-rock band ‘Maroon 5’. He is also famous for being a judge on the talent show ‘The Voice’. He always dresses well, and this extends to his watch selection. He was spotted with a yellow gold 6264 with black exotic dial on a yellow gold Oyster bracelet. It’s not clear whether he has the three or two-colour variant.

John Mayer is a very successful contemporary rock singer, who has sold numerous platinum albums. He is also well known in the watch world for his outstanding collection of watches. Mayer’s 6264 is very similar to Levine’s. It is a yellow gold black dial Daytona 6264 on a yellow gold bracelet.

However, compared with Levine’s, his watch has the less highly valued standard dial configuration. The linked article is penned by Mayer himself and includes a wrist shot of the watch.

Shawn Yue has established himself as one of the most famous faces in Hong Kong cinema, having starred in ‘Jiang Hu’ and ‘Infernal Affairs II’. He has been seen wearing a yellow gold black exotic dial 6264 on a yellow gold Oyster bracelet in numerous photos. The watch has the highly desired ‘John Player Special’ dial. 

The Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao released his first album in 2013 and has since gone on to win numerous awards, including the 2013 Golden Melody Award. Another celebrity on this list, John Mayer, is one of his key influences. He was spotted wearing his yellow gold 6264 with black Paul Newman dial while performing. He wore it with the classic yellow gold Oyster bracelet.