Our Mission

WatchPlot is the consumer-focused watch website.

Our mission is to create a website that contains all of the information a consumer might want to know about their watch of choice…


  • A basic description of the watch
  • Detailed specifications of it
  • Variants of it
  • A list of celebrities who have worn it
  • Interesting videos and links about it

Watch shopping can be a stressful experience. You begin with a search term you type on Google.

  • Perhaps it’s a watch company such as Rolex.
  • Perhaps it’s a line of watches they make such as Daytona.
  • Perhaps it’s a specific reference within that line.

Wherever you begin your search, you will always have more details you want to know before purchasing your watch.

To find these details, you end up sifting through multiple websites scattered across the web.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website where all of this information was stored in an organised structure.

This is where WatchPlot comes in. It has pages for:

  • Watch Companies
  • Watch Lines
  • Watch References

These exist in a hierarchical structure, so that you always know where to begin your search and where to go from there.

If you want to learn more you can move down the hierarchy. If you want a more general overview, you can move up it.

The website is specifically designed to make it easier for consumers to plot their next watch purchase.

Rob Cairney (Founder of Watchplot)